The Studio I Do | About Us
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About Us

My name is Gene Elrod, Owner and photographer for The Studio I DO; I love my job, my family, sunshine, blue sky and white puffy clouds. I can’t live without music or my guitar. My closet is color coordinated…….mostly with black, brown and blue. I love traveling but hate to pack, my dream vacation is an around the world tropical tour with my wonderful wife!

What are you passionate about? Photography is a way to capture those special memories that are important to all of us. Life, love, laughter, tears, excitement, energy; there are many emotions surrounding a wedding day.

Having the privilege to be a part of capturing those memories stirs the creativity within me. Being the father of two daughters, causes me to think about their wedding day each time I see a bride walking down the aisle or sharing a dance with daddy. My desire is to bring couples what I would want for my own little girls.

I have shared this honor with hundreds of families over the past 15 years and would enjoy speaking with you more about your wedding plans. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I look forward to meeting you personally

Over the years,  I   have found that you can put together a prize winning image with great light, composition and effect, but when the client sees the image again the only thing they will remember is how they felt when that image was taken. If it was not an enjoyable or meaningful experience, the image is worthless.

Give me a call anytime to visit about your magical day!


Gene Elrod